Friday, February 6, 2009

Swagbucks tips

Search & Win
What is Swagbucks?
  • If you don't know what Swagbucks is, it's a website that gives you 'Swagbucks' for searching and with those, you can redeem their selection of prizes.
Are they legitimate?
  • Yes! I was skeptical at first (as most are in the beginning), until I saw proof of my friends actually getting their prizes. However, if that isn't convincing enough for you, research the net yourself and it will all tell you that they are NOT a scam/fraud website.
Tips (winning efficiently)
  1. Do not over-search! Sitting there and searching like a maniac isn't gonna work...
  2. Search actual words. 'ajfajdgkasjd' is not a good keyword
  3. Use the Swagbucks search engine as you would use Google. Don't force it. Keep searching and searching continuously is not a good strategy!
  4. You WILL win at least once a day.
  5. Some claim Swagbucks doesn't let you win after first 20 searches of the day but this is FALSE! as I have counted :]
  6. Referral everyone that you know. This is the fastest way to earn Swagbucks and there are no limits!

    Just a screenshot of Swagbucks when you win

Tips (the less essentials/other ways to earn)

  1. Do the daily special offers for 2-3 Swagbucks. How? - refer to the screenshot below. After clicking where the arrows direct to, "skip" all of the offers (about 5 of them) then you will be awarded. Small amount, but it's very quick and can be done once daily.
  2. Install their toolbars (they sometimes reward random Swagbucks just for having it installed as shown on screenshot below, as well as occasional hints for a Swagcode)
  3. Set as your homepage
  4. Send in old cell phones/mp3 players or old video games/consoles and they will give you Swagbucks according to what you send.
  5. Photobucket
  6. Take a picture of you with the prize and send it to them to earn even more Swagbucks
  7. $5 Amazon gift cards are the best deal! Arguable with some of the other really cheap prizes though (like baseball cards) and those super cheap gift cards (they often have many restriction on how much you have to spend on them, etc). Amazon sell just about everything!
  8. Submit polls to Swag Bucks. If they use your idea, they will reward you.
  9. Get those Swag Codes for extra Swagbucks. They're the codes that Swagbucks gives out occasionally for extra Swagbucks. It's sometimes tricky and hard to find but common place where they give them out are the Swag Bucks blog, their twitter, their facebook page (nearly 200,000 fans), newsletter e-mails (must sign up to get newsletters), and their toolbars.

    Swagbucks now offer redeeming PAYPAL CASH!! However, they are, of course, more costly (70SB = $5 cash on Paypal, rather than 45SB = $5 Amazon card). You do the math. Some prefer CASH or the still the cheaper Amazon cards. Your choice~

    That's it! (all I can think of). If you are interested, sign-up and get started!

    P.S. - Yes, You CAN stack up those $5! Meaning, you can put 3 of them together and make it $15. You do this at itself once you have the codes. Be aware, same concept often times do not apply for other redeemable gift cards.

    Search & Win